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Dinner And Hormones 


By:  Jamie Sommers




Rated: NC-17 Strong Sexual Content!!!


Synopsis:  Jamie’s in her fourth month of pregnancy and Landon’s having a very difficult time dealing with the rise and fall of her hormones.




Dinner And Hormones




“How are you feeling today?”


“Pretty good actually,” Jamie replied cheerfully.  “Last night was the first night in a long time that I didn’t get sick so I’m taking that as a good sign.”  She giggled and rubbed her belly.  It was still flat but her clothes were getting snug on her now, and yesterday she couldn’t button her jeans.


“Well,” Landon’s mom said brightly.  “You look wonderful.”  Placing a kiss on her cheek she asked, “Would you like something to drink or a snack perhaps?”


“A snack would be great,” she said with a blush.  “I’m starving.”


“Starving?” Landon asked with raised eyebrows.  “We just ate lunch an hour ago.”


“Landon!” his mother scolded.  “She’s eating for two now.  I’ll go and whip up a little something for you dear,” she said then turned to make her way into her house.


“Yeah…” Jamie lifted her chin and tilted it to the side.  “I’m eating for two now.”


“So I see,” Landon said playfully.  “It’s funny though… I thought you’d be showing more by now.”


“Me too,” she said dejectedly.  “I can’t wait to get fat.” Her nose crinkled and her eyes squinted in a cute expression.  “I was hoping it would’ve happened by now.”


“Well you’re only in your fourth month so give yourself time.”


“I know but I was just hoping…” she shrugged her shoulders and stood up, turning to look at the water.  Her hand went down to caress her stomach and she smiled when she felt Landon’s hands circle her waist.


He laid his hands upon her belly and rested his chin on her shoulder.  In her ear he began to sing softly, “There’s a song that’s inside of my soul.  It’s the one that I try to write over and over again…”


Jamie’s heart swelled with love, as Landon continued to serenade her and their unborn child.


“So I lay my head back down.  And I lift my hands and pray…WHOA!  What the hell was that??”


“I…I don’t know.”


Landon took his hands off of Jamie’s stomach and walked around to face her.  “Was that…could that have been…”


“OH!  OH Landon!  There it is again.”


Landon put his hands on her belly and felt the slight flutter underneath his palm.  His child…their child, was moving.


Tears of joy slipped down Jamie’s cheeks as she enjoyed the feeling of their baby stirring within her.  “Ooooh…there it goes again.” 


Landon dropped to his knees and knelt in front of her, placing his cheek against her abdomen.  The baby kicked once more and this time there was no doubt whether or not it was moving.  It was as though someone was punching from within, trying to make it’s way out.


“Wow,” he said in a mystified tone.  “That’s our baby.”  He lifted his eyes to meet hers and smiled.  “That’s our baby.”


Her fingers threaded through his hair, her palms cupped his cheeks and she smiled back at him.  “Yes it is,” she said softly. 


The baby’s actions only lasted a few seconds, but Landon stayed on his knees waiting for any sign of movement until his knees grew numb with pain.  Lifting his head to look into her eyes, he breathed softly against her belly, “I love you, Jamie.”


“I love you too, Landon.”


He lifted himself from his knees and placed a soft kiss upon her lips.  Their eyes were still opened as his fingers weaved through the hair at her temple.  He brushed his lips against hers in invitation, and she responded in kind.


He felt her eyelashes close upon his cheeks as she settled in for the kiss.  His eyes drifted shut as her hands fell to his shoulders. 


Breaths mingled, lips parted until their tongues touched.  A soft stroke, a brush, a flick, and finally… submission. 


She sighed into his mouth, pressing her chest against his and circling his neck with her arms.


He pulled her head closer to him enabling his tongue to delve deeper into her mouth.  Tasting her…his wife--the love of his life. 


It was in that position, that his mother found them: in a passionate embrace, kissing one another as though no one else in the world existed, and in that moment…no one did.


She cleared her throat, and placed the tray down upon the table.  She smiled at them for they didn’t even budge.  Not one movement to suggest that the kiss would end anytime soon.  She leaned back on her haunches and smiled a knowing grin, enjoying the beautiful sight God had put before her: the sun shining upon the water, and two people, her son and her daughter-in-law, completely in love.


“I love you,” he whispered into her mouth before continuing the kiss.


“I love you back,” she said in a strangled whisper. 


Her lips parted and her tongue slipped out between them.  Stroking the inside of his mouth.  She tasted a sweetness about him with just a hint of cinnamon.  Her fingers trailed down his arms and cupped his elbows.  “Landon,” she said breathlessly.  “We have to stop.”  She could feel the desire building up within her.  She wanted nothing more than to make love to her husband at that very second and from his reaction to her she knew he felt the same way.


“Oh baby, I don’t want to stop.”  His arms went around her waist and he drew her in letting her feel the evidence of his desire against her stomach.


“Mmmm,” she said throatily.  “Oh Landon.” Their heads tilted again and their mouths began to slide back and forth across the others. 


“Landon.  Listen to your wife,” his mother chuckled and watched as the pair parted with startled expressions upon their faces.


“Mom!  When did you…uh…”

“Oh Mrs. Carter I’m sorry.  We didn’t mean…”


The both spoke at once trying to cover their embarrassment.


“Oh,” she flipped a hand at them and began removing some cold sliced meats and cheeses from the tray onto the table.  “Don’t be silly.  I was young and in love once too you know.”


Jamie’s cheeks flushed with color as she turned her head towards the water.


Landon cleared his throat and coughed slightly, trying to hide his excitement from his mother’s view.  “Mom, uh… could you give us a minute here?”


“Oh…sure.  I forgot the iced tea anyway.” 


“Hey,” Landon’s hands cupped Jamie’s jaw in a tender embrace.  “You okay?”


“Yeah, I’m just a bit… flustered.”


“I know.  Me too.”


“We should’ve never done that out where anyone could just walk in on us.  I mean… there’s a time and a place…”


“Jamie it’s not like we were…” the look in his eyes finished his unspoken sentence.


“Well we might as well have been.  It’s just…” her hands began trailing up and down his chest, over his arms and around his collar. “I don’t know what’s come over me lately.  I’ve been so…” she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue and leaned in to place a kiss against his neck, whispering in his ear, “…I don’t know…”


Another kiss and the flick of her tongue against his earlobe and Landon’s body began springing to life once again.  “Jamie, you have to stop this.  My mother is going to be out here any moment and…Oh geeeeeez.”  Her hand began trailing down his back and her fingertips lightly grazed his buttocks.


“You’re right,” she said softly against his neck.  “We should stop.”  She playfully smacked his left cheek and said, “Let’s eat Carter.”


Landon stood staring at her back as she strode off towards the table to make herself a sandwich.  He was in shock at the way she could switch moods so easily.  One moment she wanted nothing more than to throw him down and make love to him and the next all she wanted was to throw down a sandwich. 


“Oh good,” his mom said turning the corner with a pitcher of iced tea and three glasses in hand. “You’re eating.  Can’t let my grandchild go hungry now can we?”


“Hmmmph,” he snorted.  “Women,” Landon mumbled to himself and plopped down to make a snack before Jamie ate it all. 


He was becoming more and more frustrated with her moods lately.  He knew it was all part of pregnancy and that it was only going to get worse from here, but how was he supposed to cope with this?  Maybe he should take advantage of this time with his mom and bring up this whole mood swing thing.  Maybe she could make Jamie realize that she’s driving him nuts and that she should just…  Landon lifted a piece of cheese up to his mouth.  From the corner of his eye he saw her, Jamie.  His heart stopped beating for a moment. 


She sat there with a gob of mayonnaise in the corner of her mouth.  Three different types of meats, two different types of cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and crushed up Doritos adorned the thick slices of sour dough bread to create the perfect sandwich.  She had to squeeze the contraption down with both hands in order to fit it into her mouth.  She refused the iced tea saying the caffeine wasn’t good for the baby and instead drank a large glass of milk.


Suddenly all of Landon’s frustrations were washed away.  It no longer mattered that her moods were up one minute and down the next.  All that mattered was that she was here, alive and well, and she was his.


“Were you going to eat that piece of white cheddar or are you waiting for it to turn into bleu cheese?” asked his mom sarcastically.


“Huh?” At that moment Landon could’ve been the poster child for dazed and confused.


“Bwa chwwweeez,” Jamie said with a full mouth and little pieces of bread flew out of the corners of her mouth.  “Ooof… ‘cooof me.”


“It’s okay baby,” Landon smiled and bit into his cheese with gusto.


His mom chuckled and began reminiscing about her pregnancy with Landon.  “I remember when I was pregnant with you Landon. Ohhhhhh how I craved bananas.” She turned to face Jamie and asked her, “have you had any cravings yet?”


Jamie shook her head no with a mouthful of food as Landon’s mom continued.


“I couldn’t get enough of them.  I’d dip them in melted chocolate and put them in the freezer.  Oooooooooh that was sooooo good.” She closed her eyes and put her hand over her stomach as though she were going back in time and enjoying one right at that very minute.  “Banana ice cream was another one and banana fritters.  Oh and banana pancakes.  But the best,” she reached out and put her hand on Jamie’s.  “The absolute best were the ultimate banana splits we would get at the dairy freeze.  Landon’s dad and I would go there all the time and get them, with extra cherries of course, and I would devour the entire thing in less than a minute.  I swear it.”


“Yeah but weren’t you worried mom?” Landon asked with a look of concern on his face.  “I mean all that junk food probably wasn’t very good for you during the pregnancy was it?”


She rolled her eyes at her son and looked at Jamie with a knowing grin, “Men.  They just don’t understand do they?”


Jamie shook her head no and nibbled on a piece of cheese with a slice of pepperoni.


“Well dad’s a doctor, you would think that he of all people would’ve…”


“Yes but Landon, your father was a man first.”


“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Well let’s just say bananas had a…certain…affect on me.”  She wagged her eyebrows and giggled.


“WHAT??”  Landon choked on the cracker he was trying to eat and said, “Mo…mom!!!”


Jamie began laughing and said quietly, “Peanut butter.  I get that way with peanut butter.”


“Really?” His mom asked. 


“Well I’ve been getting that way a lot more often lately and I don’t even have to eat peanut butter first.  I’m not sure why it’s happening.”


“Hormones dear.  It’s the hormones.  They’re all over the place during pregnancy.  One minute you want sex more than the air you breathe, and the next minute you want nothing to do with it.”


Landon’s eyebrows shot up to the top of his hairline, “I cannot believe you’re talking about this.  I mean…” He reached down and picked up some slices of bread and sandwich meat letting them flop around aimlessly in his hands to accentuate his point.  “…we’re eating here!  This is NOT proper mealtime etiquette.”


“Oh Landon.  Get over it.” His mother rolled her eyes at him again and patted Jamie’s hand between her own.  “So tell me dear, how are your breasts?”


“OH GEEEEEEEEEZ!” Landon rolled his head to the side and let the luncheon meat drop from his fingers.


“Well they’re still a bit tender,” Jamie was a bit embarrassed about sharing this type of information, but Landon’s mother was the closest thing she’s ever had to a mom in her whole life and she adored the woman.  “Sometimes…” she flustered a bit.


“It’s okay dear you just go ahead and say it, we’re all family here.”


Jamie looked at Landon and then back over to her mother-in-law, “Well, sometimes…uh…during…um…”


“Oh for cripe’s sake,” Landon muttered under his breath.  He was completely shocked that Jamie was talking about this out loud, and with his mom of all people.


“Oh Landon,” his mother said, “You just hush up.  I’d like to see you deal with the changes in your body like she’s dealing with and not talk about it with someone that’s been through it.  Now if you can’t be a supportive husband then go… go sit by the water, but if you’re going to be the good and kind man that I know is in there underneath that stupid boy, you’re more than welcome to stay and learn a few things.”  Landon smirked at his mom’s last statement just as she finished up with.  “I meant that with love Landon.”


“I know you did mom.”  He turned to Jamie and said, “I’m sorry baby.  You go ahead and talk to mom about it.  I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to if I were you.”


“Are you going to sit here and be good or are you going to be stupid by the water?” Jamie asked with the most angelic smile upon her face.


He chuckled and said, “I think I’m gonna be good and learn a few things.  Now…” he crossed his legs at the ankles and rested his elbows on the table acting as though he were his cocky young self from his early high school days.


Landon’s mom and Jamie exchanged silent looks that said, he thinks he so smart. 


“You were saying something about your breasts during…”


Jamie called his bluff by picking up the conversation and saying, “Yes… during intercourse my breasts are exceptionally tender to Landon’s touch.”  She watched Landon’s Adam’s apple bob up and down out of the corner of her eye. She turned her face, trying desperately to hold back her laughter, and looked directly at Landon’s mom, “I’m not sure if it’s me or if he’s being too rough.”


Landon’s mother bit her lip and watched Landon swallow…hard as she said with a straight face, “Perhaps he’s being a bit too aggressive when he shows affection?”  Turning to face him head on she forced herself to keep her cool and said, “Landon, why don’t you demonstrate for us on this fruit how you do it?”  She picked up one of the navel oranges out of the fruit basket on the patio table and held it out to him, navel side up.


“WHAT???”  He pushed back from the table falling off of his seat and landing flat on his backside.


Both Jamie and her mother-in-law looked at one another and cracked up laughing.  Tears were coming out of their eyes as Landon lied there with a shocked look upon his face. 


“Oh I get it… You two,” he pointed back and forth at them and forced a laugh out.  “You thought you had me but… Yeah… I’m onto you two.  You know… I think... I think,” he stood up and began to walk backwards tripping over the potted plants and steps.  “I’m just gonna go sit by the water and be stupid after all. Yeah… sit by the water…” He turned and began mumbling to himself as he walked towards the water.


“Oh that wasn’t nice.  And young lady,” Landon’s mom smacked Jamie playfully on the forearm, “ I can’t believe how you played along.  I do believe I’m a bad influence on you.”


“Well every now and then I have to shock that son of yours and you’re right, I do believe you are a bad influence on me, but I like that,” Jamie smiled.  “Oh his face when you handed him that orange…” their schoolgirl laughter echoed over the water and onto the breeze.



~ ~ ~


They rode most of the trip in silence.  Every now and then Jamie would giggle and Landon would look at her as though he were angry.  He hadn’t been angry with her for a while now, but he was enjoying this little game they were playing. 


While they were still at his mother’s house he would feign disappointment and she would try to cajole him out of his foul mood with pecks on his cheeks and whispers against his skin.  “We were just teasing Landon.  I’m really sorry.  You know I would never really do anything like that to you on purpose, it was just…a spur of the moment thing.”


During their journey home she took to trailing her fingers up and down the back of his neck.  It went around his earlobe and down the side of his throat, then she removed it and laid it on his thigh squeezing it every few minutes and giving him that look that said, ‘don’t worry.  I’ll make this up to you when we get home.’


Landon hadn’t said a word to her until they arrived at their house.  Jamie had unbuckled her seatbelt and reached for her car door when Landon said, “I’ll get it.  Stay there.”  As was his habit, he walked around the car and opened the door for her, helping her out of the car and then walking hand in hand with her to the steps.


Once inside Jamie turned into a completely different woman.  Landon wasn’t sure who she was.  Their front door was barely closed and Landon’s back was already pressed up against the wall adjacent to it. 


Her mouth was meshed with his and her hands began tearing at his clothes.  His jacket had to go, and so did his belt.  She began toeing off her shoes as he reached behind her to unbutton his sleeves at the wrists. 


They didn’t speak; there was no need to. 


His hands plunged into her hair and he pulled her closer so he could plunge his tongue deeper into her mouth.  Her tongue was velvety soft and tasted of the peach she had eaten right before they had left.  His tongue massaged hers in a fiery kiss as her fingers began undoing the buttons on the front of his shirt.  His fingers joined hers in a frenzied race.  


Once his shirt was opened Jamie’s hands pushed it aside to reveal Landon’s t-shirt stretched over his taught muscles. 


He felt her shudder beneath his touch as his hands began moving up and down her hips, over her buttocks and finally around the front of her body to the area she had been dying for him to touch all day. 


Her head dropped back as she let out a small whimper, “Yes.”  She could feel his fingers pressing against her moist center through her clothes and wanted nothing more than to feel her husband fill her soul, but it was more than just the act of copulation, it was getting there that was half the fun.  She tilted her head to the side, lifting one corner of her mouth in a seductive grin. 


Landon’s arm circled her waist and pulled her body closer to his.  His mouth pressed against her collarbone sucking a piece of her skin in between his lips.  He flicked his tongue against it and gently nipped at her flesh, not hurting her but letting her know that this wasn’t going to be a gentle lovemaking session.  It was going to be a passionate night between a husband and wife. 


Since they had been married they had never experienced anything like this.  Their lovemaking had always been special and pure.  Ever satisfying, never leaving either of them wanting, but tonight was different.  They didn’t have to worry about her illness, or her recovery.  Yes she was pregnant, but that seemed to just intensify her desire for him, and his for her. 


He knew he would have to be careful when it came to penetration, but tonight he was going to show her just how much passion he had for her.  His hands cupped her bottom enabling him to press the evidence of his desire against her belly.  “Jamie,” his whispered in a hoarse voice against her neck.  “Please baby lets go upstairs?”


Without missing a beat she stepped back from his grip and reached behind her.  She unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop to her feet, her eyes never left his.  She stepped out of her skirt and lifted her shirt over her head leaving herself standing before Landon in just her plain white bra and panties.


His throat went dry with desire and his body began to strain against the zipper of his jeans.


Her hands reached behind her and a second later her bra fell to the floor.  Her hair was barely skimming the bottom of her luminous breasts. 


Landon could see glimpses of her delicate pink nipples peeking through her flaxen tresses as she stepped closer to him.


“Why go all the way upstairs when we have this big floor right here?”   She asked innocently as she trailed the backs of her fingers up the bulge in his trousers.


“Oh baby, you’re driving me crazy tonight.”


“Good.”  She said with a hint of excitement in her voice.  “I’ve always wanted to drive you crazy.”


“What happened to the sweet, innocent, reverend’s daughter, Jamie Sullivan?”


“Oh her?” she asked while unbuttoning his pants and letting them fall to his ankles with a loud clank.  “Didn’t you hear?  She married the high school rebel Landon Carter and from what I hear they’re roaming the country side as the modern day Bonnie and Clyde.”


“Oh really?” he asked as he stepped out of his pants and kicked his shoes off to the corner of the room.


“Yup.”  She pushed his shirt off of his shoulders and tossed it onto the pile of clothes that was forming on the floor.  “Last I heard they were seen holding up a casino in Vegas.”


“Vegas huh?” He pulled his t-shirt over his head, letting it drop thoughtlessly from his fingertips.


“Yeah, Vegas.”


“That’s a shame,” he leaned his head down and pushed her hair aside, swirling his tongue around her puckered nipple then lifting his head and looking into her eyes with a mischievous grin, “Damn shame.  I really hoped those two would make it.”


“Oh,” she moaned softly while pulling his lips back to her aching flesh.  “I think they’re going to make it.”  Her hands gripped the back of his head and she closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of his hot, moist mouth against her aching nipple. 


His mouth roamed torturously around one breast, moistening the tip then licking around the outside of it, while his hand massaged the other, bringing it’s peak to a rigid point.


She could feel a flood of desire rush to the center of her being; followed by a swelling of the spot she wanted him to touch the most.  Her soft cries mingled with Landon’s moans, “Oh yes.  Mmmmm,” echoed throughout their empty house.  Her legs trembled beneath her.  Could she continue to stand?  She didn’t know.  All she knew was that she needed him to touch that part of her body that he and only he had ever been privy to. “Lahn…Oooooh” his mouth moved from one breast to the other, tugging gently at it’s taught center.


His hand moved down her silky skin and he took notice of the slight bulge in her belly.  In the back of his mind he reminded himself that their unborn child was in there and he needed to be careful.  He looked up and down her body, noticing the slight changes that the pregnancy had begun to have on her.  Her nipples were a shade darker than before and a dark line had begun to form right…there.  Landon placed his finger on the line, starting at her navel and followed it straight down.  It continued past the elastic on the waistband of her panties and he knew it went all the way down into her crisp; dark, curls, but right now he had other plans.  He’d follow the trail of the dark line some other time. 


He could feel Jamie’s eyes boring into his scalp.  He lifted his eyes to see hers glazed over in a smoky gaze, silently begging him to touch her.  While watching her face, he guided his hand between her legs, gently cupping her, feeling her moist heat seep through the cotton garment she so innocently adorned this morning.  His body twitched within his boxers when he touched her.  A sudden yearning washed over him leaving him with a desperate desire to plunge his fingers into her velvety smooth channel.  The need to feel her, to touch the softest part of her body, to taste her…to taste every part of her being was so great, it seemed to take over his every thought.  He had been craving the taste of his wife for so long, but he had been too afraid to broach the subject.  Maybe tonight…


“Mmmm, ohhh Landon.” Her hips began bucking gently against his cotton-clad hand, grinding and pressing until the material turned from warm and moist, to hot and wet. 


Landon’s palm slid effortlessly between her thighs, her excitement allowing his hand to glide with ease.


Jamie’s eyes closed as her fingers began to dig into Landon’s shoulders.  She bucked and rocked against his hand until she was at that very edge of ecstasy. She could feel all of her muscles tensing.  They had been leading up to this moment all day.  She had been waiting for it since they began kissing on his mother’s back por… “What??” Her eyes flew open.  “What are…”


Landon had pulled his hand away and dropped down to his knees in front of her. 


Jamie looked at him, terror filling her eyes, “What are you doing?  Why did you stop?”


“Do you trust me Jamie?”


She had heard of things like this before, but never had she imagined doing them.  She knew what he was going to do.  She wanted to scream out, ‘No,’ but this was her husband, and she loved him more than anything in this world.


“Jamie?” He asked again.  “Do you trust me?”


“Yes, but…”


“Then just close your eyes and enjoy this.”  He stared up longingly at her beautiful face and said once more, “Close your eyes baby.  Trust me Jamie.  Close them.” When he saw that they were closed he looked at the vision of beauty that lay before his eyes.


Her luxurious dark triangle, covered in a demure pair of white cotton panties was so innocent, so pure.  It wasn’t just sexy.  It was downright erotic.  He leaned his face closer to her body enabling him to breathe in her scent in.  A musky aroma that was indescribable, yet strangely addictive in it’s own way made his mouth water with desire.  His lips pressed against the wet spot of her panties and he released his hot breath against her flesh through the moist material. 


She didn’t know what to expect when he first placed his lips against her…there.  She had thought he would just start to kiss her there but he started to…breathe.  His breath turned to steam the minute it touched her skin.  Shivers ran down her back as he continued this erotic ritual.  It was as though he were inhaling her fragrance.  She opened her eyes briefly and looked down at him.  She saw his mouth pressed up against her mound and his eyes were focuses on the wet patch before him.  His hands were resting lightly on her hips and her legs quivered from the hot breath he had just released against her.  This was like nothing she had ever felt before. 


Her head dropped back out of it’s own will just as a quiet moan escaped her lips.  She thought she was going to climax on the spot, but he pulled back and just stared at her for a moment as though he were memorizing her.  My God, she thought, how I love you Landon.  How I love you.


He could hear her sigh above him, feel her nails digging into his scalp.  He could smell her excitement.  He knew she was close, but he wasn’t ready for her to reach that point yet.  He had just started.  He pulled back and looked at the glorious sight before his eyes.  Oh Jamie, he thought, I love you so much.  Thank you for trusting me.  Thank you for allowing me this privilege.


He leaned slowly in and pressed his nose up against her, inhaling her sweet scent once more, taking it into his memory and holding it safe in his heart.  His tongue reached out automatically licking her through the cotton garment, but he needed more, he needed to taste the source of the sweet scent.  For the first time in their marriage he was going to explore the most intimate part of his wife.


Without hesitation he pulled the front portion of her underwear down and poked his tongue between her wet folds.  In that instant he knew that with just one hint of it, he would want more…he’d always want more.  He held the very tip of his tongue at her entrance and let a single drop of her moisture find its way into his mouth.  He withdrew his tongue, letting the droplet spread out against his lips before savoring the taste of her inside his mouth.  She tasted sweet, but with a noticeable tanginess, almost like an exotic nectar.  With a lustful moan, he opened his lips and covered her womanhood with his mouth.  His hands darted up, grabbing her buttocks.  In one quick motion he tipped her hips forward and thrust his tongue into her, closing his eyes as her wetness washed over him, her displaced panties trailing more of her juices onto his chin.  Her fine, soft hairs surrounded his lips and his nose, grating gently against his skin as he turned his head from left to right.


Jamie threw her shoulders back against the cold hard wall, thrusting her hips out.  She began subconsciously trying to engulf Landon’s probing tongue inside of herself.  She could feel the waistband of her panties digging into the top of her buttocks, Landon’s face straining and pulling on the thin garment as he kept it pulled down to keep his access to her.  She gasped loudly when she felt his fingertips dig into her flesh, pulling her even farther forward.  When she looked down she saw her husband’s face disappearing into her mound of dark brown hair, a sight which drove her insane.  She grabbed frantically at the back of Landon’s head and thrust him even harder between her legs.  She closed her eyes again and felt his lips sucking and nipping at her outer folds as her wetness poured out of her core.  She could feel her panties becoming soaked with her body’s natural lubrication and even then, droplets were starting to escape and roll down her thighs.  She squirmed and writhed against the wall as his hands pawed at her buttocks, fingers sliding across the soft cotton material of her panties.  She forced her legs wider for him, and she trembled from head to toe when his hands brushed her panties as they stretched across the cleft of her buttocks.  Her mind floated away for a brief moment, wishing that she had put on the pair of white, satin thong panties she had secretly purchased for their anniversary… but for the time being the feel of Landon’s fingertips digging into her flesh through the white cotton was enough.  Landon seemed to read her mind though, and she whimpered loudly as his fingers converged toward the center of backside.  She felt his fingers slowly pushing inward until the cotton fabric brushed against her skin.  She cried out softly, surprised at how much texture she could feel from the soft material.  The combination of the two, rough material and his soft, probing tongue was causing her to lose control.  Her head began slowly thrashing from side to side.  Her hair began to stick to her sweat-covered brow.  Her hands were frantically moving from his head, to her own breasts, and back to his head again. 


He pulled his tongue out from her vagina and ran it slowly up and down the slit of her vulva, seeking out her clitoris.  When he found the swollen nub of flesh he began assaulting it furiously with the tip of his tongue.


Jamie cried out and pressed herself against his tongue calling out his name, “Landon.  Oh, please don’t stop.  Please.”


He didn’t.  He continued to lick, to lap up her sweet juice.  He could taste her wonderful nectar and he knew where she was going and what he was working her up to, but he wanted to watch her get there.  He needed to see the expression in her eyes when she finally reached that point.


He stood up and turned her sharply around to face the wall of smoked glass mirrors in their dining room. 


Jamie’s breath caught in her throat when she saw what was in front of her.  She was standing in front of Landon, naked with the exception of her underwear.  Her hair was a disheveled wreck.  Her eyes were glazed over in passion and her skin was completely flushed.  Their clothes were haphazardly strewn about their feet and behind her stood her husband who was now completely nude. 


Landon ran his hands up and down Jamie’s body and whispered into her ear, “I want you to watch how beautiful you are.  How beautiful WE are.”


“Landon…” she looked over her shoulder at him to begin her protest.


“Watch us Jamie.” He cut her off and turned her head towards the mirrors.  His fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her panties.  They trailed around her waist, to the front of her body and then to the back where he playfully snapped the elastic of her panties.  His hands glided up her back and over her shoulders then down her arms.  He threaded his fingers through hers and lifted her hands up placing them around his neck, causing her breasts to jut forward.  “Look at us Jamie.  You’re so beautiful.”  He kissed her ear, her neck, her shoulder.  “So beautiful.”  His hand trailed down her body, over her breasts, down her stomach, beneath her panties, between her legs and finally, he buried his fingers inside of her silky smooth channel. 


She whimpered loudly, but her eyes never left the smoky mirror across the room.  She was mesmerized with the magic he was performing on her.  She found her body moving of it’s own accord.  Her hips began to buck gently back and forth.  She began to rock her buttocks against his erection and moaned louder and louder as he brought her closer and closer to the edge.  She watched as his fingers plunged in and out of her panties, silently wishing that he had taken them off so she could see his fingers disappear inside of her, but at the same time she found the not knowing, arousing in it’s own way too.  Her once white garment was now completely translucent from her wetness.  She could see the outline of his fingers, her folds, her patch of hair….  She could feel her stomach tightening and the muscles in her legs clenching.  She began to tighten down on his fingers, trapping them inside of her like a vise.  Her nails dug into his neck.  Her jaw was slack.  Her knees buckled beneath her just as her orgasm hit her.  She felt it spread from the pit of her stomach to the tips of her toes. 


She vaguely heard Landon call out right as it started, “Look at me Jamie!  Look into my eyes!” Their eyes locked as Jamie yelled out in a fit of passion. 


Since her marriage to Landon she had experienced many orgasms with him, but never anything like this. 


Just as she thought she was coming down off of her high, he slid her panties off of her in swoop.  He hurriedly lied down on the floor and pulled her down on top of him.  They began kissing in a fiery embrace, Jamie still reeling from her orgasm.  She felt Landon lift her hips up and place her above him.  Her hand reached between them as she guided him inside of her, finally filling that void. She tasted tanginess about him, muskiness and realized it was herself she tasted upon his tongue.  She pulled away, unsure of what to think, of what to do…


He saw the uncertainty flickering in her eyes the minute they met.  He knew why.  He knew his wife better than anyone else, but he also knew that she was uncertain here.  Was it wrong to like something that seemed so bad?  He answered her with a stroke of his fingers against her face.  All it took was on touch; one smile and their ardor began burning hotter than ever.  They met one another thrust for thrust. 


He told himself to be gentle, to slow down, but her movements were too much for him to handle.  The way her hips glided against him while she rubbed her clitoris gently against his pubic bone. He watched her breasts sway with every movement and her face…ahhh her face.  She looked as though she were in the throws of ecstasy.  Her rose colored lips were swollen from their fevered kisses, slack with desire.  Her eyes were at half-mast, and occasionally he could hear her soft moans, her gentle whimpers turning into loving cries.  She was leaning on her elbows, her hair creating a curtain around their faces.  His hands immediately cradled her face, pushing her hair away from them, enabling him to see the expression in her eyes.  She had her bottom lip in a death grip between her teeth as her pace picked up.  He tried to slow her down, thinking of their child, but her face, her breast…ahhhh.  He threw his head back and enjoyed the ride.  She sat in an upright position on Landon’s lap, his hands hastily grasping at her hips, pulling her down onto him to meet his every move.  His thumbs were digging into her hipbones, his fingers into the fleshy part of her buttocks.  As he peered his eyes open he was greeted with a heavenly sight…Jamie.  Her hair was flailing back and forth across their damp skin, clinging to the wet spots; her hands lay flat against his belly in a lame attempt to keep herself balanced.  After a moment or two her elbows gave out and she collapse against his chest, their bodies meshed together.  Landon’s arms encircled her back tightly; he wrapped her legs securely around his waist as he rolled them to their sides facing one another.


“Landon, oh…ohhhhh…”  She whimpered against his lips.


“Oh baby,” he responded in kind.  “Jamie,” he said throatily as he sank himself deep within her tight portal. 


Their breasts crushed together, their foreheads pressed against one another’s.  “I love you,” was repeated over and over again by one and then the other.    Her nails dug into his shoulders, his into her back.  Their final kiss was one of passion and heat, all tongues and teeth.  They tasted blood but neither one cared.  The sound of flesh slapping, and moans filled their home and finally the unison cries of ecstasy, echoed through the night.


They lied with one another on the floor, just a few feet from the front door.  Jamie’s back was curled into Landon’s chest and belly.  Landon’s legs were tucked between Jamie’s and his arms were holding her close.  Skeins of her hair were drying against patches of their sweaty skin.  They hadn’t said a word to one another since they had collapsed afterwards.  Both of them were struggling to regain control of their bodies.  Eventually their breathing regulated and they began spooning.


Landon didn’t know what to say.  He almost felt like he should apologize.  He didn’t know what had come over him.  He glanced down at Jamie and noticed a dark smudge on her hip.  He reached down to brush it away.


Her breath caught when he touched her.  “Ouch.”


“I’m sorry baby.  Did that hurt?” he asked her.


“Yeah.  What is that?”  She lifted her head up and looked down towards her hip.


“I thought it was just a dirt smudge but,” Landon sat up a bit and stared at it.  “It looks like a bruise.”


“Oh.”  Jamie shrugged her shoulders and lied back down not giving it another thought.


Landon’s voice began to tremble, “Oh baby, baby.  I’m so sorry.  I never meant to hurt you.  I had no clue I was pressing you that hard.”  He threw himself back and let his arm flop over his forehead.  “I can’t believe I did that to you.”


“Oh Landon.  Don’t worry about it.”  She reached back and took hold of his hand, wrapping it around her securely. 


“Don’t worry about it?”  He laid his forehead against the back of her hair.  “Baby I swear I’ll never do that to you again.  I’ll never…”


“Landon.  Stop.  Stop it right now.”  She rolled over to face him and put her arms underneath his.  “Do you think I didn’t enjoy tonight?”


“Well I know you didn’t enjoy me hurting you.”


“You’re wrong.”  She squeezed his back and said quietly, “I enjoyed all of it.  Landon what we did wasn’t out of rage or anger, it was out of love and passion.”  She felt a blush creeping up her cheeks, but it was important that she let him know that tonight was more than thrilling for her.  “I’ll admit I was a bit hesitant when you…” she took a deep breath and continued, “…when you started to kiss me down there, but I really liked it.  It was very sensual and…ummm…I was kind of hoping that maybe…” she grinned.


He looked down into her adoring eyes, “Maybe?”




A rose colored hue had adorned her cheeks and all thoughts of guilt melted away as he asked, “Would you like to try that again sometime?”


‘Yes,’ she nodded.  “I think I’d like that very much.”


They lay there for a moment or two when suddenly Landon felt Jamie begin to tremble.  His first thought was that she was cold, but then he heard her giggle.  “What’s so funny?”


“Nothing really,” she chuckled.  “I was just thinking,” she looked up at him with innocent eyes.  “These hormones can be a good thing sometimes, huh?”


“Well, I must admit,” he placed a kiss atop her forehead, “they do have their moments.”


Jamie snuggled her head under Landon’s chin and said not so shyly, “We should do it that way more often.  I liked it.”


Her body was worn out, yet exuberated all at the same time.  She had experienced something tonight that she had never dreamed of.  She discovered a side of herself that she had no clue existed.  In fact, she had been experiencing more and more of life’s wonders since her marriage to Landon. 


She trailed her fingers up and down his spine, feeling the ridges, memorizing every curve, every bump.  In her mind she said a silent thank you to him.   Thank you for being so patient with me Landon, for understanding my misgivings and my concerns, but most of all thank you for being so willing to accommodate a pregnant woman’s fluctuating hormones.  She smiled against his chest and fell asleep in his arms minutes later. 


“Your welcome,” he replied.


She hadn’t realized that she had spoken her thoughts out loud. 


He carried her up to bed shortly after, thinking that the draft from the front door couldn’t be good for her, or the baby, and laid her on their bed.  Looking at the clock he realized that she would probably want something to eat for dinner soon so he quietly crept off of the bed to retrieve a pair of pajama pants, but she awoke the moment the warmth of his arms left her body.


“Where are you going?” she asked groggily.


“I thought maybe you might be hungry.”


“Mmmmm,” she licked her lips seductively and said, “I think I am.”


Landon knelt on the bed as if to get off of it.


“Where are you going?”  Jamie asked again.


“Well,” he said with a confused look upon his face.  “You just said you were hungry.  I thought I’d go make something to eat for you.”


“Oh,” she reached out and trailed her fingers down his thigh.  “That’s not really what I’m hungry for.” 


Her Cheshire cat grin was one that Landon will remember forever.  His smile matched hers as he leaned over her and reached for the phone.


“Landon!  Who on earth are you calling at a time like this?”


“Mama Rosa’s pizza.  Trust me baby.  I know you and after this you’re gonna want to eat.”


He ordered two large pizza’s knowing that she’d want a midnight snack and then he gladly helped to accommodate his wife’s fluctuating hormones late into the night.