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…And Then…I Kissed Her

By:  Jamie Sommers




Rated: P/G13 for language


Synopsis:  Landon Carter needs help with his lines and Jamie Sullivan has agreed to give him a hand on one condition…he has to promise not to fall in love with her.




Chapter 4:  Between The Lines




“So tell me about this ‘dream girl.’”


“I…I…don’t know where to begin.  She had this face that was so perfect so…angelic almost.  She was…” ‘okay now this is the line you’ve been having problems with so just concentrate Landon.  Pretend you’re looking at that big booty girl from Selena.’  “…she was a lot like you.”  ‘Now look at her and say it like you mean it.’  “You’re beautiful.”  ‘Yeah…that sucked.’  


“What else happened in your dream?”


“I really can’t remember.  It’s like one of those dreams that haunt you at night, but in the morning it’s gone.  Can you help me to remember?”




“In my dream this angel, she sings to me…  Will you sing for me?”


“Wow, Landon!  That was really good except…”


‘She’s gonna tell you that the, ‘you’re beautiful’ line bit.’


“…you really haven’t memorized as many of your lines as I had hoped you would.”


“Oh…ummm…right.  I was gonna try and memorize more of them last night, but it was after 7:00 when I left here and it was my night to cook so…”


“That’s okay, Landon.  You don’t have to make up an excuse, I’m not going to keep you after school or anything.”


“I’m not making up an excuse.  It really was my night to cook then I had to do some laundry so I really didn’t have much time to memorize my lines.”


“Laundry?  Okay.”  She looked at me like I had just flat out lied to her.


I wanted to just scream out at her, ‘why do you do that?  Why do you infuriate me so easily?  I was doing laundry.  I was making dinner.  I’m not lying!’


“So you wanna work on some of the scenes you have with Sally?”


“Yeah, sure.”  I know my tone was clipped, but she really pissed me off. 


“Okay, how about Act II, scene 1?”


“Sure, you wanna start?”


“Ummm.  You have the first line Landon.”


“Oh, yeah.  Right.”  ‘How the hell does she do that?  She didn’t even open her script up and she knows that I have the first line.  I don’t even know what Act II, scene 1 is about and she’s telling me I have the first line.’


I quickly found the page we were starting on, looked it over and said, “I’ve decided to break my connections with Johnny Barbarino and start my own little import/export business.”


“But Tommy, I thought you were getting out of the business completely.”


“Get out?  Is that what you thought?  Nah…I can’t kid.  I can’t leave this racket while the going is good.”


“ But Tommy, the going isn’t good.  You haven’t made enough to cover the girls wages for two weeks now…”


“That’s why I’m doing this!  Look me and Carmine have a plan.”


“But Tommy…”


“Pour me a drink Joey.”


“You promised me Tommy.  No more of your no-good-nick schemes.  You promised me we’d go to Paris.”


“I’m not gonna sit on my kiester and watch all the fat cats in this town get rich, okay?  Trust me this is a sure thing.”


“That’s it.  We are through.  Go ahead and run your booze ya big dope, and I hope you drown in it.  Soooo…you must be the new girl he’s hired.  The singer?  Want some free advice about this one?  Stay far away he’s nothin’ but trouble and cheap spats.”


“See ya around kid.”


“Well you seem to have that scene memorized.  You didn’t look at your script at all.”


“Yeah…so now what?”  I asked since we were done with that scene.


“How about the one in the beginning between you and Sally’s character, Caroline.”


“Ummm…which one?”


“The one that starts with ‘when did you know Tommy.’”


I began rifling through the pages again when she leaned closer to me and said, “Here.”  Her fingers brushed up against my hand as she turned the pages of my script.  Her hair fell across my arm and the scent…


‘It smells like flowers.’


“I know it’s here somewhere.  Oh, here it is.”  She found the page and turned to me and said, “When did you know, Tommy?”


“Know what?”  She was looking at me so intently it was hard for me to keep focused on my lines.


“That we were in love.”


“Love?”  ‘No way…not with Jamie Sullivan.  You don’t even like her.’  “Baby, believe me.  You don’t wanna go fallin’ in love with a guy like me.”  ‘Okay…so who’s doing the talking here?  Tom Thorton or Landon Carter?’


“It’s too late Tommy.  I’m crazy about you.  I’m breathing it, drinking it all in.  Aren’t you?”


The only thing I was drinking in at the time was the sound of her voice, it was so soft, so gentle.  Her smile was so innocent and that mole…  that damn mole.  I bet she had no idea how sexy that thing was?  ‘SEXY?  Jamie Sullivan?  Snap out of it Landon!!  Better not let her father hear you say…’


“Did you forget your lines Mr. Carter?” 


It’s like the guy was reading my every thought.  He just appeared out of nowhere whenever I was thinking something I shouldn’t have been.  ‘Maybe he really does have connections with a higher power?’


“Ummm.  I’m sorry sir.”


“What for?”


“Ummm…” I had no idea why this guy intimidated me so much, but he did.


“I believe your next line is, ‘I don’t know what I’m drinking doll face, but if this is love…pour me another glass.’  Am I right Jamie?”


“Yes daddy.”


I just looked at the two of them. ‘What’d ya guys do at night, rotate between reading the bible and this stupid play?’


“Thank you sir.”


“Don’t mention it.” Then he looked at Jamie and said, “Don’t you have homework you need to get done tonight?”


“I did it in study hall.”


“I didn’t know you had study hall,” he said.


“Well, I went there instead of gym today.”


‘I didn’t know that was an option, but if it is, I’m gonna have to look into that.’


I noticed Jamie’s father giving her this really curious stare and it made me feel sort of uncomfortable.  “Are you feeling all right?” he asked her.


“I’m fine daddy.”




“Daddy.  I’m fine.”  They exchanged this really weird look then he nodded and went back into the house.


“Hey?” I asked, “Is everything okay?”


“It’s fine.  Wanna go on with the rest of the scene?”


“Sure.”  I don’t know what happened out there between her and her father, but there was something more than what she was letting onto. 


“I don’t know what I’m drinking doll face…”


Coming Soon…


Chapter 5