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My Private Space


Author: Jamie Sommers

Rated: T

Synopsis: Troy’s keeping a private blog about his new passion for singing. Read Dear Diary, for Gabriella’s thoughts on her new life.


My Private Space

Chapter One: Can’t Take My Mind Off Of You




I’m not sure why I’m writing this. I mean… it’s a little weird, but I just had to tell somebody about this. I had almost written about it on my space, but then I realized that I’d probably be crucified if my friends found out so… I guess that’s why I’m here…this is going to have to be my (private) space. I just hope nobody finds out about it. Maybe I should label it History Report?


Anyway…I met someone tonight. Her name is Gabriella and she’s an incredible singer not to mention she’s probably one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen.


My mom made me go to the kid’s New Year’s Eve party, and when I got there they were picking people at random to go up on stage and sing duets with one another. It was just my luck that the dreaded spotlight landed on me. Everybody pretty much pushed me not t mention this poor girl, onto the stage. Okay, I’ve sung in my shower, who hasn’t, but on a stage in front of people?? Uh…no! So why I opened my mouth and started singing when the music started is beyond me. I thought for certain that this girl standing next to me would flake out so I turned around to walk off of the stage and the next thing I know, this…aaaamazing voice started coming out of this petrified girl’s lips. She didn’t seem to flake, and I didn’t want to leave the girl hanging so I sang with her. Oh man. I can’t explain what a rush it was to sing with her. It blew me away. I can honestly say I liked it just as much as playing ball. It was pretty cool talking to her afterwards too. Her name is Gabriella, and she’s not a fan of marshmallows in her cocoa.


It was so weird because I just couldn’t stop looking at her. Her eyes just seemed to draw me in, and I was pretty sure that she could see my heart beating out of my chest when the fireworks started. Everyone was cheering, Happy New Year and In the back of my head I kept thinking, aren’t you supposed to kiss people when you ring in the New Year? I would’ve, but I was kind of nervous. Yes that’s right, Troy Bolton was nervous. Petrified, actually. She had to leave anyway, and I guess that was kind of for the best. I would’ve hated for her to think I was some kind of player or something. I just… I don’t know… I just really liked her.


It’s kind of weird ya know? It’s been 2 hours since I met her, and I feel like I’ve known her my whole life. I have never felt so comfortable with someone before. Not even Chad. I probably should leave that part out when I tell him about my winter break.


Gabriella Montez. That’s her name. Gabriella Montez. I keep looking at her picture in my cell phone. I told her I’d call her tomorrow, but my dad just told me that we’re leaving first thing in the morning. Hey, wait a minute, isn’t it tomorrow right now?? Her mom would probably kill me if I called her.


I should probably go to sleep since we’re leaving in 4 hours, but I still feel so energized from singing with her tonight. I guess that’s why I’m here writing this. There’s no one I can talk to about this, so you, my laptop, have become my new best friend, and I sure hope you can keep a secret.


See Ya!





Hey Dude,


I can’t stop thinking about her, and that incredible voice of hers. I’ve never heard anything like it before, and I can’t stop singing to myself. My mom caught me singing while I was packing this morning and then she looked at me and said, “Okay, who are you and what have you done with my son?” She kind of laughed it off and walked away, but it got me to thinking…24 hours earlier, she’d probably have to pull me off of the basketball court, and today I just can’t stop singing. I honestly think I’m going crazy. That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with.





Hey Dude,


School starts tomorrow and, I don’t know…things have felt kind of weird for me lately. I still like playing ball, but I can’t wait to finish practicing so I can take a shower and… I can’t believe I’m saying this…sing in it. I crank up my radio and, oh I seriously need help, I sing to myself in the mirror. It’s not the same though. I mean, I really love singing, and who knew I could actually carry a tune? But singing with her…Gabriella, that was something I don’t think I’ll ever feel again in my life and it kind of bums me out.


What is wrong with me??? I’m sitting here dwelling on Gabriella Montez and she probably hasn’t given me one fleeting thought since New Year’s Eve. Now I know why girls hate us guys for not calling. They’re probably thinking about us guys every waking hour and we guys are playing basketball or video games or something. Holy cow….I’m not going crazy; I’m turning into a girl!!!






I must’ve done something right in my life because who do you think is in my homeroom class??? Gabriella Montez. When I saw her, I didn’t think it was her, but then I took out my cell (I’ll tell ya about that later), and looked at her picture and... It was her! I could tell she was surprised to see me too when she came out of homeroom. We were both kind of shocked to see the other; we couldn’t even finish a complete sentence.


We started to walk down the hall together and she saw all the different billboards and posters and stuff and she looked a little overwhelmed by them. I pointed out the sign up sheet for the new school musical, but she said she wasn’t signing up for anything. I was kind of disappointed to hear that because I actually would’ve loved to hear her sing again, or better yet, sing with her. God, could you imagine the guys finding out about this singing thing?? I told her that they didn’t know, but she was cool with it. She totally gets me and it’s awesome.


That was it for school for the rest of the day though. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about her, and singing with her, and just talking to her. It seems to be all I want to do lately. And forget basketball practice, I was a complete basket case there. For some reason I just couldn’t get my head in the game. Gee…I wonder why. At one point during the day I was counting down the minutes until detention with Ms. Darbus. Oh yeah, detention. I forgot to tell you about that.


Okay, so I thought I saw Gabriella in homeroom and I pulled out my cell phone to make sure it was the same girl. I just needed to be absolutely sure, even though I’ve been dreaming about her face every night since the New Year began, but I just had to know for certain. Unfortunately when I pulled out the phone to send a message to her, I sent it to my entire class. When Darbus heard all the phones ringing she went nuts. Everybody and their dog got detention today thanks to yours truly. I felt kind of bad about it, but when I saw Ryan and Sharpay got detention too… I seemed to be over the whole guilt thing. And now you know why I was counting down the minutes to detention. Detention equals Gabriella and Gabriella equals a very happy Troy Bolton. It was too bad my dad busted in and took us out of detention. I really wanted to talk to Gabriella afterwards. I guess tomorrow’s another day. The only problem I have now is how on earth am I going to make it till tomorrow??