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Dear Diary


Author: Jamie Sommers


Rated: T

Synopsis: This series is going to be written from Gabriellaís POV. I can just picture her rushing home after her New Yearís night, grabbing her journal and writing everything down. Sure sheís a smart cookie, but I canít imagine her on My Space sharing this with the world. Nope, sheís a lock and key kinda girl and thatís just the way I see it. If you donít agree... Iím okay with that. I truly hope you like this and happy reading!!


Dear Diary


Chapter One: The Start Of Something New




Dear Diary,


I still canít believe this is happening to me. Weíre moving again! I mean we had already moved twice since I started high school alone, and itís getting harder and harder to make friends. I guess I shouldnít complain about moving this time since Iím sort of known as the schoolís ultimate math geek. Maybe I could just be a geek at this new school, because being popular has never, and will never be an option in my lifetime. Plus momís taking me to aspen over winter break to make up for it. I guess sheís feeling guilty, and who am I to argue with a motherís guilt. Iím sure itíll be fun, as long as I can sit back and read, with no interruptions. That is my idea of fun!


See ya later!






Dear Diary,


So far the weather here is pretty typical. Thereís snow and itís kinda cold, but to be honest, itís not really that bad. The food is pretty good and our suite is great. Mom and I both have our own rooms as well as our own bathrooms, plus I got a fluffy pink robe to go with the Jacuzzi bath tub in my room. I couldnít believe that mom went so overboard with the room, but then she told me that her company was picking up the tab, so she thought we should get our moneyís worth. Her only complaint is that Iím spending too much time between the pages of my book and not enough time socializing. Iím not really sure who Iím suppose to mingle with, since I donít know anyone here, but I guess Iíll try. Sheís making me go to this New Yearís Eve party tonight, butÖ and donít you dare tell herÖ. Iím going to sneak my book in with me. Iím sure Iíll be able to find a quiet corner somewhere.


Oh and Happy New Year!!!!!!!





Dear Diary,


I canít breathe. I really canít. I meanÖ wow; have no clue what I mean. Itís just that I did something tonight that I wouldíve never imaginedÖ. Not in a million years could I everÖ.but I did. I did! Oh and the boy that I did it withÖ. Troy. Heís totally cute and adorable and sweet andÖ. Okay, I just reread what I wrote and that so didnít come out right, so I guess Iíll have to start at the beginning.


You already know that mom made me go to that party tonight, and it was pretty much what I expected it to be. There were a bunch of kids my age acting like theyíd been friends for life, and a lot of sequins. Iíve never understood why holidays meant you had to dress up like a street lamp, but thatís just my opinion.


Anyway, there was a bunch of refreshments, and loud music. Apparently there was some sort of karaoke thing going on when I walked in, but I didnít really care. All I wanted to do was finish reading my book. I mean I was completely engrossed in this novel, and I just had to get to the end.


I was sitting on the edge of a chair when suddenly this bright spotlight landed on me. The thing was practically blinding me, and I had no clue what was going on. This guy took my hand and started leading me to this tiny stage and my heart felt like it was going to stop right then and there. I meanÖ. Thereís no way I could sing in front of all of those people even if they did drag some poor, unwilling guy up there with me.


I swear to you the temperature in that room mustíve dropped about a million degrees because I was frozen solid, and then something happened. The music started and the boy that was standing next to me started to sing the song that was playing on the karaoke screen, The Start Of Something New. I was still spooked about being up there, but there was something about the sound of his voice. It was so soothing, soÖcomforting. I suddenly felt like this warm, fluffy blanket was surrounding me and I


Now I donít know why I did it, but I actually opened up my mouth and started singing my part. Sure it was a little nerve-racking but for some strange reason I new I could conquer my stage fright tonight. Maybe itís because I didnít feel like I was on stage when I sang with him. I felt like it was just me and him and Ö wow. Thatís all I can say about it. Wow. WOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!At one point I just closed my eyes and sang my heart out, and it was great. I wish you could understand the rush I got from singing with him.


There stood this stranger - albeit a cute stranger - but a stranger nonetheless, singing with me, and tapping into this secret part of me that I never knew existed. And I swear to you, when he got up next to me and started singing right to me, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.


When we were done singing he introduced himself, Troy, and he shook my hand. Do you remember that totally sappy movie my mom made me watch with her, Sleepless In Seattle? Well there was this line in there when TomÖsomebody or other, says that when he took this girlís hand, he didnít know where his started and hers began. Thatís exactly how I felt.


Afterwards he bought me a hot cocoa and we just walked around and talked. He told me that he thought I was a great singer, but I quickly confessed my true cowardliness when it came to singing solo.


Okay, I know Iíve said this already, butÖ did I mention how cute he was? Well, trust me, itís worth mentioning twice. Oh and he was so funny too. When I complimented him on his singing he told me that his shower head was truly impressed, or something like that. He just made me laugh and feel so at ease. The next thing I knew, people were counting backwards from 10, and all of a sudden, the New Year was upon us. I couldnít help but look into his eyes, and I know I mustíve looked like a high school girl with a terrible crush, butÖ lets just say, looks werenít deceiving in this case. Then the fireworks started and, when he looked at me, I knew he felt the same way too. I really wanted to kiss him, which told me it was time to find my mom. I mean, I had just met him, and Iím pretty sure if I had stayed there and kissed him, I wouldíve been naming our children by 12:15. Heehee. I told him I had to find my mom, but before I left he took my picture and I put my number in his phone. I gave him my phone too, but he forgot to put his number in with his photo. Maybe he was just as nervous as meÖ itís a nice thought isnít it?


You know what the funniest part of the whole night was? My book is missing, and I donít care. Itís like Iíve been spending my life vicariously living in some character from a bookís moment, but tonightÖtonight I lived in mine, and it was magical.


Happy New Year Diary! I think our karaoke song was an omen. This year is definitely going to be the start of something new.