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Dear Diary


Author: Jamie Sommers


Rated: T




Synopsis: A series written from Gabriella’s POV. Take a peek inside of her diary and see what she’s been thinking. For Troy’s POV on what’s going on in his life, check out My Private Space. Happy Reading!!




Dear Diary

Chapter Two: Who’d Have Believed





Dear Diary,


Let me start by saying, Happy New Year. I’m not quite sure why I’m up so early today. Maybe it has something to do with Troy Bolton. He said he was going to call me, but I’m not really a sit around and wait for my phone to ring kind of girl, so I’m going to be searching the lodge and waiting for the phone to ring instead.  I can’t wait to see him today. I’m not sure that we’ll be hitting up any karaoke spots, but I’d really like to get to

know some more about him. We only talked for a little while last night, and that conversation was pretty much monopolized by our singing together, so it’ll be kind of cool to get to know him on more of a personal level. I just wish mom would wake up so we could go to breakfast already.





Dear Diary,


He didn’t call, and I didn’t find him. I searched everywhere too. My mom asked me what I was looking for all day, so I told her I lost my book. It’s not really a lie; it’s more of an omission.


I’m actually kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to see Troy again before we left. I don’t know how to explain it. Something inside of me just seemed to say that Troy and I weren’t finished yet, but I guess I was wrong. I guess I’ll never know how that story ends either.





Dear Diary,


How can I miss someone I only knew for a few hours? And why can’t I get him out of my head? My mom thinks I’m moping around because we’re leaving tomorrow for New Mexico, and I feel really bad not telling her the truth, but how do I tell her that I miss a boy I only knew for a few moments, more than I’ll ever miss the people I went to school with for over a year?





Dear Diary,


Well we’re here. Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have to say, it’s really pretty, and quite warm for this time of year. The new house is really big, and I totally love my bedroom. It’s so roomy and there are some awesome French doors that lead out to my own personal balcony. It’s truly beautiful. My mom joked about me sneaking out and climbing down the trellis, but I don’t think she’ll ever have to worry about that.


As far as leaving my old school, well it wasn’t really that hard to do. I didn’t have any friends to speak of, so saying goodbye was pretty easy. My math teacher Mrs. Sullivan cried though. She was really sweet and I am going to miss her, but that’s about it.


School starts tomorrow so I should probably go to bed. I really hope things go okay for me here. I don’t want the same thing to happen here as it did in my old school. One way I can make sure that doesn’t happen is by not answering every single question or correcting my teacher’s mistakes. This time, I’m just going to be a normal girl…that gets straight A’s of course.


Oh and he still hasn’t called me. I should’ve known that he wouldn’t, but I still hoped.






Dear Diary,


This is so unbelievable, I got detention on my very first day of school, but the reason for it was oh so worth it: Troy Bolton. That’s right. The very same Troy from New Year’s Eve. I couldn’t believe it when my phone rang in homeroom today and his face popped up, and then I saw him stand up and leave the room and… Oh my God!! In my head I just kept screaming to myself over and over again, he’s here. He’s here!! I practically ran out of class trying to find him and the next thing I knew he was touching my arm and... Wow. That’s all I can think of is, wow.  


Usually when I start at a new school I’m sick to my stomach, and I was this morning, for all of about ten minutes, and then his face popped up on my phone and all of my nerves went away. One moment I was petrified about being at a new school and the next minute I felt like my best friend was there to help me through it.


When we met up in the hallway we both started to ramble on about how unbelievable it all was. We just kept rambling on and…as a matter of fact; we actually finished each other’s sentences. How cool is that????


He walked me down the hall and welcomed me to his school, and we even joked about the school’s musical. Auditions are being held tomorrow for them, but I told him that I wasn’t going to try out. That would be too weird. I mean… I just couldn’t. I’d freak. Unless of course he wanted to audition with me, then I think I could do anything.


Oh, so while we were talking this exceptionally perky blond girl interrupted us, and I could tell that I wasn’t welcomed anymore. Not by Troy, but by the blond girl who signed her name with stars in place of the vowels. I kid you not. She actually used stars instead. And people used to call me weird.


I also met a really nice girl named Taylor. She’s pretty cool, and she’s really proud about being a brainiac. I mean she’s like totally opposite of what I was at my old school. She’s really funny too, but when I asked her about Troy, she kind of made fun of him and his whole click. I don’t think she really knows him very well. I mean he’s nothing like she thinks, he’s really super sweet. I saw him again at detention, but then the coach of the basketball team came and rescued him and his friend Chad from having to paint sets for the drama club.


I so can’t wait until homeroom tomorrow.





Dear Diary,


Today was probably the best day I’ve ever had at any school ever!


I was so excited about going to school this morning that I had my mom drop me off early. I don’t even remember saying goodbye to her; I just ran out of the car and headed off to my locker.


There was about 30 minutes until homeroom started and it was the longest 30 minutes of my life. Naturally I spent 15 of those 30 minutes standing outside of the classroom, until Ms. Darbus opened the door. “Early bird catches the worm Miss. Montez. I do hope you left your cell phone home today.” That woman is seriously…odd.


Sadly Troy was one of the last ones to come into class and when Ms. Darbus started lecturing us on our behavior in class yesterday, I couldn’t help but smile up at Troy. When he looked back at me I could tell he was a little embarrassed about causing everyone’s cell to go off, when he was just trying to get a message to me. It was really cute. 


Ms. Darbus reminded us about the auditions that were going on for the school musical, and I couldn’t help but wonder if Troy was going to show East High the real him and go for it. Probably not, I thought, but I just may check out the auditions anyway. I am soooooo glad I did too because who do you think I found lurking behind a mop and a bucket? That’s right. Mr. Basketball star himself. 


I told myself that I was only going to the auditions to see if he was there, but deep inside I knew it wasn’t the real truth. I seriously wanted to try out, but the thought of singing in front of all of those people… ugh. I asked him if he was going to audition, but he said no and when he asked me if I were going to try out, I said no too. There was no way I could admit to him how frightened I was, but he totally took me by surprise when he commented on how “harsh” Ms. Darbus was to the people that were auditioning and then I realized that he was scared too. I asked him if he were afraid and at first he tried to play it cool and said no, but then he said he was a little scared. “Me too,” I blurted out. Now that I think of it, it was kind of funny when Ms. Darbus started talking and we both ducked behind the cleaning cart. We were just a couple of chickens in hiding.


Then Ryan and Sharpay, the girl who signs her name with stars (weird), started their audition. Troy and I ducked down in the back row of the theater to watch them, and they were surprisingly…good, in a corny kind of way.


When they were done Ms. Darbus called for any last minute sign ups and Troy and I kind of made our way towards the theater’s exit.


I’m not sure what it was that made me say I wanted to audition. Maybe it was because everyone had left the theater, or that Ms. Darbus shut the light off and started to head out, but I suddenly found myself saying that I wanted to audition. Of course Ms. Darbus had to lecture me on punctuality, the single auditions had ended long ago and there was no one to do a pairs audition with me. My heart almost burst when Troy came from around the corner, looking so cute with his hand raised above his head and his eyes kind of cast down, saying that he’d sing with me. Ms. Darbus looked totally shocked to see him there, and probably thought he was just there to make fun of the musical, so she refused to let us try out. We were too late.


Both of us were kind of bummed about it, and then we saw that poor little girl, Kelsi, trip and her music flew all over the stage. We ran up there to help her and I couldn’t believe how sweet Troy was to her. Kelsi just looked at him and I could tell she was wondering why he was talking to her and how he knew her name. Troy is pretty much the most popular guy in all of East high, but he doesn’t act like the other kids do. He was really kind to Kelsi and he even told her that she should stand up to Ryan and Sharpay when they treated her poorly. Oh and he called her “the playmaker.” I think she really liked that because she asked us if we wanted to hear the way the song was suppose to be done. Apparently Ryan and Sharpay “tweaked” it a bit, and Kelsi wasn’t too thrilled about it, but she was too scared to say anything.


Troy and I went over to the piano and followed along with the music. It was so great singing with him again, and the song was beautiful. I don’t know what Ryan and Sharpay were thinking when they changed it, because the song was perfect just the way Kelsi had written it. Troy’s voice sounded so…so… soothing, and sigh…I don’t know… when I sing with him, it’s like…like…nothing I’ve ever known. I’m not sure, but I think he feels the same way. At least I hope he does.


When we were done with the duet, Ms. Darbus popped out from around the wall and told us that we had a callback. A callback! Can you believe it? She told Kelsi to give us the song from the second act and to work on it with us. Kelsi was pretty happy about that because she offered to rehearse with us every waking minute of everyday. She really is sweet.

Can you tell I was totally thrilled to get the callback? That meant that I got to sing with Troy again. Troy on the other hand was a little weirded out by it. The look of shock on his face was a little surprising to say the least. I’m sure he’s worried about what his friends will think when they find out, but I know he won’t back out on me. Boy, are his friends in for quite a shock.